Park My Viaduct’s vision harmonizes a mile-long elevated park with a spectacular view into downtown Seattle’s unique, historic and eclectic western edge from Pike Market to Century Link Field.   This solution gives us a great “boardwalk” down along the commercial piers and the truck route and an unforgettable car-free promenade with a spectacular view up on the elevated park level.

The elevated park incorporates both historic and new components. At the north end,  an architecturally interesting 400′ long section of the historic Alaskan Way Viaduct near Pike Market is preserved and retrofitted in its entirety followed by a 4600′ long beautiful new single-column, single-level garden bridge that continues to Sodo and the stadiums.

The grand gateway to the park from the downtown bluff is created with a beautiful new accessible pedestrian and bike access bridge that connects the street end at First and Union Streets to the park continuing across Alaskan Way to Waterfront Park, Pier 57, and the Seattle Aquarium.

The north end of the park connects directly to the proposed “Marketfront” plaza at Pike Market  while the south end connects directly to Century Link Field with a ramp also planned to connect to First Avenue at Railroad Way.  Elevators and stairs are also planned to frequently connect the park to Alaskan Way along the entire mile.

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"the view belongs to you"